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IOS / Mac Mail Clients

this is my take on a best of list. This is the list of the best email clients for iOS and MacOS - at least, what I consider best 😉


category: global --> Computer

tags: IT security - email

creator Stephan Bösebeck 2022-05-07

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Keyboards again

The world keeps turning, there are new, ergonomic, split keyboards to admire. I was taking a look at some new and upcoming options I found...


category: global --> keyboards


creator Stephan Bösebeck 2022-04-15

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Different keyboard layouts

Table of content:

There is more than QWERTZ

If you deal with the subject of ergonomics and keyboards, you can't avoid the keyboard layouts. At some point you realize that there is something other than QWERTZ or QWERTY (and the vari


category: global --> keyboards

tags: layout - ADNW - mechanical keyboards

creator Stephan Bösebeck 2022-04-13

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in Hospital

Christmas in the intensive care unit

I was really lucky. And also really unlucky. Everyone wants to hear the story over and over again, so I'll tell it here now and then anyone who is interested can read it... It may also help someone who is


category: global

tags: Covid - hospital

creator Stephan Bösebeck 2022-01-18

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Morphium V4.2.13

We have just released a new version, which again contains some improvements and fixes:


category: global --> Computer --> programming --> MongoDB --> morphium

tags: Java - MongoDB - Morphium

creator Stephan Bösebeck 2021-11-15

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