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keyboard nerd

2020-04-18 - Tags: mechanical ergonomic

Am I a keyboard nerd?

Obviously I am in addition to building drones or multicopters, general computer / ...

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Ergodox EZ vs Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB Gaming

2020-03-21 - Tags: Ergodox Tastatur

I'm a big fan of the Ergodox EZ keyboard and have already written a hymn of praise here. I type a lot, in my free time (e.g. here) or at work. Since I actually spend 7 ...

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The ErgoDox EZ reinforcement kit...

2017-05-20 - Tags: ergodox-ez tastatur keyboard

What's that?

The first persons to get the ErgoDox EZ were lucky, and happy. Only until they learned, that there is a little flaw in the first Batch of ErgoDox-EZ's (what's the correct plural for that?). The thing is, if you happen to conn ...

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Mechanical Keyboard Razer Blackwidow Chroma on the Mac

2015-07-27 - Tags: apple osx keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard – the Razer Blackwidow Chroma

I type a lot… at work, at home, on weekends and during the week. So I am a fan of good and high quality keyboards. I was experimenting a lot during the last decades (yes, that long ;-)) wi ...

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ErgoDox EZ in German on a Mac

2015-05-22 - Tags: ergodox ergodox-ez keyboard keyboard tastatur

The ErgoDox EZ in German on a Mac

This introduction and review is already available in German here. Yes, I admit, I was following the Indiegogo campagne of the ErgoDox-EZ quite a while. And ...