Who is Stephan Bösebeck?


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Who is Stephan Bösebeck?

Whose blogsite is this here? Well, who am i... this is a question suprisingly hard to answer. You can have a look at my "IT-live" here. So, here is my professional carreer in some steps:

  • After I graduated Abitur (and a very stupid episode at the german army) I studied Computer Science in Passau
  • I graduated with Diploma
  • As I did not get any fincancial support from Government (BaFöG) and my parents could not afford financing me 100% - so I had to work during my time at university
  • I did some minor jobs for students (z.B. at the Computer-Discounter ESCOM - broke already, but I learned a lot there), I was working as IT-Consultant since about 1995
  • during that time I did some certifications: Sun Certified Trainer, Certified Java Programmer LPI Certification, Certified C++ Programmer, Certified Macro4 Trainer... and a lot more. Could probably decorate a whole room with them.
  • Customers of mine were: IBM, Sun, Dresdner Bank, Deutsche Bank, HP, Unilog Integrata, Ixos Training, Goethe Institute...
  • I specialized on the technology Stack around Linux/Unix and Java. Hence I did a couple of certifications in that area.
  • I did a lot of Trainings for SUN and Integrata especially for Java (Beginners, Advanced and certification Trainings)
  • same I did for IBM and Linux (basic, advanced, clustering, firewalling, security...)
  • I had to do my projects very often alone, so then I rather quickly got the rolw as Projectleader / ~manager. I was concact for customers, had sub contractors etc.
  • As freelancer it is quite hard (especially alone) to get bigger projects (at that time). So I was becoming a full time employee at Softlab (aka Cirquent aka NTT Data). There I was project leader and did some project for MAN and BMW
  • I wanted to gather more management experience, so I was hired by Acronis as "Manager Training &Consulting EMEA". I built the trainings department more or less from scratch
  • this department moved to the US and I started as "Head of engineering" at holidayinsider.com
  • unfortunately HRS closed down holidayinsider, so I am now "Head of technology" at simplesystem.com
  • simplesystem did not work out for me so I am now „Head of engineering & IT“ at GBI-Genios http://www.genios.de