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Virenscanner for Mac or Iphone

2017-05-29 - Tags: virus security

As some of my readers are not that good in reading and understanding German, I'll try to write some of my posts, which might be interesting in english also. I hope everything is understandable so far emoji peop
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category: Computer

New blogging software

2017-05-16 - Tags: java jblog security

I did complain about wordpress several times (for example here). I took that for an opportunity, to take on my software development skills and use a weekend or two to ...

category: Computer --> Test of Tools

Test Of Tools: Nach Hause Telefonieren - VPN mit OSX / iPhone

2016-05-30 - Tags: vpn howto test of tools osx security

no english version available yet

Eigentlich kein echtes "test of tools", weil nicht viele Tools vorkommen, aber dennoch hab ich es mal zu dieser Rubrik gepackt.

Folgendes Scenario: man ist unterwegs oder in der Arbeit oder ...

category: Apple --> Computer

Riesen SSL-Bug in OSX - alles total unsicher und gefährlich

2014-02-25 - Tags: ios osx security

sorry, no english version available ...