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New mini drone sub 250g

2017-12-29 - Tags: drohne quad build


  • Frame GEPRC Sparrow Mini 139mm, got it from Amazon
  • Motoren Emax 1306 4000kv - also Amazon
  • KISS AIO CC - from ...

    category: global --> drones

    create your own custom sounds for Taranis X9D (Mac OS)

    2017-10-09 - Tags: quad taranis bash macos drohne

    Everybody who owns a Taranis X9D (or something similar) is familiar with this problem: the standard soundfiles are crap and the soundpacks available for the tarans can do a hell of a lot, but not what you need.

    For example, right n ...

    category: global --> drones

    new brushles micro built

    2017-08-31 - Tags: drone drohne quad

    I do own quite a lot of drones now, as you can read and see here for example. Especially the tiny whoops below 250g got my attention - not only because that with the new regulations fo ...