The Keyboardio Model 100


date: 2022-06-20 23:45:56

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Created by: Stephan Bösebeck

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The Keyboardio Model 100

The Keyboardio Model100

I've already written here that I consider the Model100 to be a worthy successor to the Model01. And now it's finally arrived. Due to the problems in China and of course Corona, there was quite a delay in delivery. But now it's finally here.


Spoilers: It's really a worthy sequel. I'm currently typing this text on the Model100 (with Kailh brown switches) and it feels much more stable. You don't want to go back to the "old" Model01, because typing is much more comfortable here.

the switches

I installed the 'Kailh Brown' switches here. These switches are quiet and have a very comfortable pressure point. Of course everyone has different preferences. But I also think the Kailh brown are of a much higher quality than the Matias previously installed in the Model01.

Fortunately, with the Model100 you are not limited to certain switches, as was the case with the Model01. Because the switches are all hot-swappable, you can switch at any time.

Because the keys feel "tighter" on the switches, typing is also much quieter. The "sound" of the keyboard is very pleasant, a soft "Thog" can be heard, but it's also really suitable for large offices!

Actually, you would now have the opportunity to use your own keycaps. Unfortunately, that doesn't work because Keyboardio's keys are specially shaped. This is actually an advantage because it makes the buttons very easy to reach. But it is a disadvantage for customizing - unfortunately you are then dependent on Keyboardio.

Whats in the box

the packaging was really an experience in itself - 2 black boxes arrive, in one is the travel case with the two halves, in the other the feet for the halves arrive. Everything looked very classy and unpacking was an experience. Really great.

The keyboard itself

Looks very classy, especially with the darker wood (personal taste). From the outside there is hardly any difference to the Model01, but when you use the keyboard it feels completely different!

The travel case

A practical extension is the travel case, in which the Model100 is delivered. You can stow the two halves in it very well - however, the Octo-Stands do not fit in, they have to be taken separately. It's still a useful addition, even if I don't really need it.

A screwdriver...

... and so much more. There are, for example, shorter connecting cables for the two halves, one (or two) rigid plastic connectors with which the two halves can be firmly connected. Then there is a keycap or keyswitch puller, i.e. a tool with which you can remove the switches or keycaps.

The so-called Octostand, a kind of "sloping stand", was delivered in its own package.


Finally you have more storage space available to really give your keyboard all the features that are useful. My normal layout for the Model01 is pretty close to the limit at 94%. The Model100 has significantly more space and not only can I use my layout, I can also add extensions and plugins without any problems. That wasn't possible before, I had to limit myself. That's why there is now a branch for the Model100 for my firmware in the Repository on GitHub, which was appropriately named model100 😉


I don't regret the purchase, although I admittedly wasn't 100% sure beforehand, since the model01 and the model100 are very similar. But the typing feel is noticeably different, in favor of the Model100.

And yes, that really matters. Especially if, like me, you work on the computer every day and also spend an hour or two on the computer at weekends. So having a cheap keyboard might reduce the fun you have even on an expensive computer.

Everyone who has not yet enjoyed split keyboards, but intends to do so, should hurry. The Model100 can currently only be pre-ordered via Indiegogo, and it's definitely worth the price in my opinion.


I just tried out the swappable keyswitches. I ordered a set of Kailh Speed Copper switches at CaseKing. Now I have a somewhat "louder" keyboard, but not as loud as the Cherry MX Blue were. I like the clicky sound to it, although I am thinking of adding O-Rings to make it a bit smoother.

At the moment I am quite fond of those switches and they are awesome when working at home. But for the office this is not a good Idea, it would probably drive everyone around crazy 😉

The best thing: if I get bored by that sound, I can easily switch back to the Kailh Boxed Brown switches. Never thought this feature of hot-swappable keyswitches is so much fun!