Drones and such...


date: 2017-05-19 22:02:01

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Drones and such...

Some of you might know, that in Germany there is a new regulation for drones and UAVs (unmanned areal vehicle). I just wanted to post something about that. As this is my Hobby and I'm directly affected by this...

I already wrote some things about that here.

Now, since a couple of months this new regulation is effective, wich is aiming a lot at those camera carrying drones like Phantom and such. (This list is not intended to be exhaustive. This is what I researched for me and my type of flying)

  • you are not allowed to fly higher than 100m - but you might get a permit (new)
  • you need to stay in line of sight
  • you are not allowed to fly above crowds of people
  • not allowed to fly near highways (Bundesstrasse, Autobahnen) and water ways (most bigger rivers)
  • not near official buildings like police and such. Also not near or above factories (Nuclear Plants)
  • not above private property, unless you have a permit from the owner. (or your drone does not carry a camera or video transmitting device or is lighter than 250g)
  • all drones that are heavier than 250g need a non flammable plate with the full address of the owner
  • if your drone is heavier than 2kg, you need a proof of knowledge (some kind of test, I guess)
  • everything heavier than 5kg can only be flown if you have a dedicated permit for that thing
  • flying at night is forbidden
  • drones heavier than 250g can be flown FPV only if you have a spotter nearby, who will warn you if anything happens. Before the new regulation, the spotter actually needed to be ably to fly the drone...
  • is your drone lighter than 250g, you can fly without spotter, and you do not need a plate on it
  • in all cases, you need to have an insurance
  • it seems like, it is not necessary to have a special permit if you want to fly for business (or it is easier to get one)

in addition to that, the old No-Fly-Zones (Airports, Helipads etc) are also still valid. Also flying in natural reserves usually is vorbidden.

For the usual drone-Flyer thit actually does not mean a lot of change. Well, except for those, who like to fly 200m high, this might be a bit annoying.

But the most important thing, it seems nobody actually knows, that these regulations existed and do exist! Especially the media is not really a role model here. It seems like every 2nd shot needs to be a cool drone shot, no matter if flown over cities, private property, autobahns or whatever.

Just the other day on RTL, they filmed in the garden of some Messie using a drone! I bet they did not have a permit for doing that. Not only that flying above private property is forbidden, also it is not allowed to invade someones privacy with or without a drone - and this was privacy invasion, if you asked me.

No wonder people get afraid of this technology. "Can you film me from up there" and if I show them, what kind of photo that is, they are usually reassured.

But if dad goes in to the next tech marked and buys a drone for his son, the guy at the counter will not tell him, that he needs to have an insureance and for that heavy thing you need to have a proof of knowledge and btw. flying before the age of 14 is not allowed"... No, he will not say something like that, because that might prevent the deal.

realy a sad world