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date: 2021-08-24 22:15:11

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Created by: Stephan Bösebeck

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Passwordmanager: PASS

PASS - the standard Unix passwordstore

I already reported on PASS when I looked at the password manager.

What I forgot is that pass is super expandable. Since everything is a bit shell-related, I will leave the explanations out here, but you can easily install extensions.

Useful extensions

The functionality of pass can be greatly expanded with the extensions. You can find a useful list of extensions here. and now one from me


Unfortunately, searching through the entries in pass with pass grep was quite slow. This was mainly due to the fact that he had to decrypt every single entry, requesting the GPG agent every time, etc.

I created an index file with the extension, which contains all searchable fields. You only have to search through one entry, it runs about 100 times faster, i.e. the pass grep version.


a very useful extension. This is how you get the missing "Attchment" functionality. The file is base64-encoded, stored encrypted and can thus also be read again. practically. There are two versions, I use the linked one


This allows you to check whether your password is still secure or whether it has already been found somewhere on the Internet. No password is sent around the world, only the password's checksum. That's bad enough, but if you suspect it makes perfect sense.

Alfred Integration

There are still a few Alfred integrations, but they didn't go far enough for me. Most of the time you could just read the passwords, save them to the clipboard and that was it.

I addressed the problem and built a more sophisticated version that can also search (with pass-index)

The integration supports some keywords:

  • pass TEXT: a search is made for text, and matching directories as well as entries are displayed

  • pfind PATTERN: searches the passwordstore
  • psync: sync with git repository
  • pupdate ': update the index - if pass index` is installed
  • pgen path: generate a new random password

so you can use Alfred as a quasi GUI for pass. At least for the most important functions.

It is still planned:

  • some kind of integration into the browser
  • store user-defined fields.