Blade Inductrix upgrade


date: 2017-07-02 23:08:00

tags: Drones FPV

category: drones

Created by: Stephan Bösebeck

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Blade Inductrix upgrade

Blade inductrix upgrade


unfortunately it was necessary, to upgrade the blade inductrix. The original one is a bit... lame! so I exchanged the flightcontroller and gave the inductrix a new brain (Furious FPV ACROWHOOP V2 Mini available at RCTech.

I also own the blade inductrix pro, which also runs betaflight and can be configured as such. This is helping a lot, but the Acrowhoop V2 also does support Taranis telemetry! Awesome!

externally there is not much to see, as the frame and the shell is the same. But the engredients changed a lot. This one is even better flying than the Blade Inductrix Pro so you can do a Split-S indoors also!

If you are an FPV enthusiast and need some good indoor training gear - go for it!

But: i need to upgrade my Lipos a bit, they are sagging a lot right now. I already had the Insane-Speed motors from MicromotorWarehouse but the original FC could not handle them - and i could not change the pids...

Now, the Acrowhoop flies great, bot after a couple of seconds the voltage drops to 3.3V... as soon as you land, the voltage rises to 3.9V or so. So, either the lipos are dead or the C-rating is too low for that. I will have to dig into that deeper...

Maybe you have an Idea?