Ergodox EZ - That’s what support should be like

published : 2017-05-29 changed: 2020-04-16

category: Service in Germany

about 2 years ago I got my Ergodox EZ Keyboard via Kickstarter. I now own two pieces of them, one for home, one for work and I really lave them. I wrote here a little review about them.

Now, the older one has a little flaw now. for some reasons the E- key sometimes just does not work (so if you see an e missing here somewhere, it is due to that... and that I did not notice it).

The guys at Ergodox-EZ (well, not someone, actually the Founder himself Erez Zukerman) did answer very quickly to my question. They told me quite fast, that I will get a replacement unit in the next couple of weeks.

This is awsome! I really love the support they do! This is what support should be like!

I will post here, when I got the replacement...

Update 29.05.2017: The replacement unit arrived today. Everything is working flawlessly and it took only 3(!) days to have that sent over from Korea! No problems with customs and especially no problems with the e-key anymore emoji people:smirk

Thanks to ergodox-ez and especially to Erez Zukerman!

created Stephan Bösebeck (stephan)