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Giving up Drones and FPV

2020-08-31 - Tags: drohne drone

I guess you already realized, that there were almost no new posts about FPV or Drones anymore here on this blog.

That was a fun hobby, for a while. After almost a year of not flying at all I think it's time to admit, that I am not ...

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5 inch sub 250g possible?

2018-12-04 - Tags: drohne drone sub250g

Thanks to the not so new drone laws and the rules that were introduced, it is in most countries only allowed to fly drones freely without regulations if the drone is lighter than 250g - especially if you want to do FPV. (in Germany, if the drone i ...

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New mini drone sub 250g

2017-12-29 - Tags: drohne quad build


  • Frame GEPRC Sparrow Mini 139mm, got it from Amazon
  • Motoren Emax 1306 4000kv - also Amazon
  • KISS AIO CC - from ...

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    create your own custom sounds for Taranis X9D (Mac OS)

    2017-10-09 - Tags: quad taranis bash macos drohne

    Everybody who owns a Taranis X9D (or something similar) is familiar with this problem: the standard soundfiles are crap and the soundpacks available for the tarans can do a hell of a lot, but not what you need.

    For example, right n ...

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    new brushles micro built

    2017-08-31 - Tags: drone drohne quad

    I do own quite a lot of drones now, as you can read and see here for example. Especially the tiny whoops below 250g got my attention - not only because that with the new regulations fo ...

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    Blade Inductrix upgrade

    2017-07-02 - Tags: drohne drone FPV

    Blade inductrix upgrade


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    Drones and such...

    2017-05-19 - Tags: drone legal gesetzliches drohne

    Some of you might know, that in Germany there is a new regulation for drones and UAVs (unmanned areal vehicle). I just wanted to post something about that. As this is my Hobby and I'm directly affected by this...

    I already wrote some things ...

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    Drohnen und so.

    2016-10-08 - Tags: drohne fpv

    no english version available yet