Have to dump my favorite Mail Client due to Exchange

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I never was a fan of Microsoft Software. I only kept a windows partition on my machines for gaming, work was done on linux and later on Macs...

So I am of course not very pleased, that the company I work for switches to Exchange - at least for the Mail / Calendar part of my work. And there won't be any IMAP/S support for us.

Well, there is support for Exchange in Apple Mail (which is great). But with the lack of (proper) support for Gmail this just... sucks...

Anyway, it was fun using Mailmate for the last couple of months (it still is my favorite Mail client - see my test here) but unfortunately there is no support for Exchange in MailMate (and there should not be actually - it's an IMAP-only-Client and a really good one).

so, for my professional work, it seems like I need to crawl back to Apple's mail...


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