Sometimes, I hate Wordpress

published : 2017-04-04 changed: 2017-05-16

category: security

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This site was hacked again!

Well, the title is a bit missleading, as it is not only Wordpress at stake here, it is also related to php and obviously apache also.

I was not very active here for a couple of weeks, and obviously missed an update for Wordpress and some of the plugins. And that was enough for a white hat hacker to hack the site... well white is probably not the right color, as he posted links to illegal sites here.

Disclaimer: It was not me adding those links to download portals of illegal stuff! unfortunately I cannot tell, where the attack came from.

But I can tell, that he only had access to the Wordpress-Stuff. This happened again! << Sarcasm_mode >> Apache, PHP and Wordpress are in this respect really a _great_ team... << / Sarcasm_mode >>

I know, that this will cause some people to call me a troll, but I can tell you, from a professional point of view, there are way better solutions from a security point of view to create websites. Yes, most of them are complicated and complex. But at least, you cannot get hacked that easily...

PHP is a fine language, if you want to build a calculator or something like that. For professionals this is crap. Even Facebook needed to create their own interpreter (yeah, because of speed issues, but who knows what else).

Sorry, this php stuff pisses me off... was hacked here, that happened to customers of mine using PHP-based software....

Need to find something more reliable...

created Stephan Bösebeck (stephan)